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Want to spread awareness
about your new book?

The Website Affinity’ marketing team is proficient at promoting authors. We utilize methods of engagement that have proven to drive sales for every client.
Take a look at the services we offer:

  • Unique visual designs
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Promotional video content
  • Multi-platform advertisement
  • Constant monitoring
  • Data and analytics utilization


We can specialize in different genres and meet the book marketing needs of clients from a
variety of industries and professions thanks to our diverse talent pool and multifaceted skill sets.

We diversify our marketing strategy to cater to your unique

We can create a complex, individualized strategy for you thanks to our combination of marketing expertise

Research and Conceptualization

We undertake a thorough research process to give a solid foundation to your ideas, understanding them completely before conceptualizing them into our marketing tactics.

Integrating Derived Content

Once the research has been completed, our team incorporates content derived from the ideas in your book while using engagement-oriented language in our advertisements.

Target Audience Capture

We determine the demographic that best suits your book’s genre to effectively cater our promotional techniques to them.

Creating Designs

To go along with the text content we create, our designers work alongside the marketing experts to help create visuals that take inspiration from your book’s core ideas.

Assessment and Analytics

In the initial marketing process, we utilize analytics and assess the results to determine how to further optimize our marketing strategy.

What People Say

Horseware Ireland


I think going with Website Affinity.co was the best move I could have made for my company. These guys have helped me in the best way they can and have taken proper charge of my work from the beginning. They continue to check in and offer suggestions for how to improve my online presence even after the website is finished, which I love!

Carl McKinley

I Mate Life


Website Affinity.com helped me comprise all my life’s work in a short interactive video clip. The animation did justification to my art and presented the video in such a manner that I wanted. It almost brought tears of joy to my family when they saw the video animation.

Kendra Murray

Rapid Link


I got a terrific explainer video for my car wash company by Website Affinity.com Ever since, we integrated that video on our website, the traffic on our website has nearly doubled. Thanks to Website Affinity.com for the marvelous job they have done with the video

Pat Boone

Grooming Tail


I was astonished to see how quickly Website Affinity.com completed my website. They took all of my instructions into account. I am satisfied with the work they presented to me. The developers are highly skilled, experienced and know what to add to match the industry. Good job! Website Affinity.com

Lindsay Price



Having an attractive Website Design for our new business was a hurdle for us, we kept our faith in Website Affinity.com and they presented us with such creative and impressive design options, it was an amazing experience for us working with them. I have recommended other friends also towards Website Affinity.com

Nichole Wade

Easy made Prints


Website Affinity.com actually does beyond what they say; to satisfy their clients. The whole process was greatly executed; even in the end we got a perfect logo for our business. Website Affinity.com made the whole process exciting and enjoyable. WELL DONE!!! Website Affinity.com are simply creative at logo designs.

Mike Bennett

Future Image Dental


I found all personnel working on my project very enthusiastic and dedicated. It is not quite easy when you want your logo to depict multiple attributes of your business, but Website Affinity.com managed it well. With its finest logo concepts we got enough designs to choose from right on the first drafts.

Hector Walters

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